During the holiday season, lawns do not get the proper care that is needed.   This is especially the summer months when everybody is out there enjoying him or herself.   In this period, the lawns get space to thrive.    The problems that affect them starts to show up.  It can result to stress and poor health of the lawns.   Adoption of these several practices will enable your lawns to cross the hot summer season with little or no problems.


 First, ensure that your lawns are properly watered.  As you know, the hot summer usually dries the soil thus watering of the lawns is necessary.  Watering ensures that the roots of the lawns go deep past the soil profile level where evaporation does not happen.   Such  a condition enables find water for itself when you forget to water it.   This help the lawns to get toughen to the hot conditions and become resistant to drought. 


  Watering the turf when it is withering is very helpful.    You should ensure it get enough water

 The spring season should be the time you put fertilizer to your plants.   The turf will have time to absorb the nutrients thus will look healthy and vigorous during summer.  The same would be helpful even during winter.    The fertilizer should be applied before the summer and winter seasons.  Quality compost provides nutrients for your turf which will make it healthy all time, click here to get started


In this season, you should also ensure that the lawn is mowed.   Evaporation is in great extent reduced by mowing your lawns right before the beginning of summer. A strong growing lawn should be cut at a small height.  When your turf is less perfect, increasing the height during mowing would be advisable.   The leaves usually offer a shade which will cover the soil thereby minimizing evaporation.   It is an advantage when you recycle the lawn clippings.   The clips will be used as green manure to provide nutrients while they still act as mulch to prevent water loss to the environment.   This will help you to avoid the cost of buying fertilizer.


Weeding and controlling about pest that affect the lawn is also a noble thing to do.  It would be a prudent thing not to apply pesticides and other chemicals that removes weed during the hot conditions.   You can spray your lawn on those warm days of the spring season.   The pesticides and weed control chemicals are effective in mild conditions.



 At times, doing all of these may not be possible, you should consider therefore getting a professional to do it for you.